Of Pregnancy and Heightened Sex Drive

Every pregnancy is different. Some feel nauseous and over-sensitive for the entire course of their pregnancy while others feel uncomfortable only during the first or last trimester. Others are totally irked at the mere idea of having sex while pregnant, while some seem to have insatiable drive for some sexy time with their partners. If you belong to the high-libido preggo club, let me tell you that it’s absolutely normal and Science has got our back. Yes, count me in because I also used to be unusually clingy back when I had my little monster inside my belly.

During pregnancy, the level of Oxytocin, popularly known as the love hormone, increases. This love hormone triggers romantic attachment. One study even confirms that increased level of Oxytocin intensifies orgasm.

The increased blood flow to your genital area is also another culprit. This is otherwise known as the Chadwick’s sign. It is characterized by the heightened flow of blood to your labia, vagina and cervix. This usually happens between 6 to 8 weeks after conception.

Giving in to your sexual desire is generally safe even when you’re pregnant except for those who have high-risk pregnancy.  There are even couples who are still sexually active up to the third trimester of pregnancy. All you need is little creativity in choosing positions that would make sure that your belly is not squished while you’re on it.

Don’t worry about possibly poking the little monster inside your belly; the hearsay that the penis can reach the baby inside is merely a myth (unless if your partner’s instrument is really long and has a razor-sharp tip). Your baby is protected by the amniotic sac and uterus muscles. The mucus plug guards infections from being transported past your cervix.

Having said that lovemaking is safe during pregnancy, this is also the perfect chance for you to get intimate with your significant other. Your baby is on its way and he is most likely up to inflict exhaustion and sleeplessness to both of you as soon as he’s out, so you better seize the days while your libido is still kicking in.

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