VIPole Secure Messenger Review

From measly phishing to structured social engineering, security threats have surfaced with the advent of technology. The number of hackers around the globe has been constantly increasing, making data protection a primary concern especially in the corporate world.


VIPole Secure Messenger is an application that is primarily geared towards encrypted messaging, multi-user conferencing and file management. It protects user data that are stored on the user’s storage devices, and it also encrypts communication history be it through instant messaging, voice and video calls and conferences, file transfers and password transfers. It also secures sensitive information that are stored across servers including transmitted and retrieved files, password manager entries, account and contact list information or even reminders and events in the calendar. This application combats threats by ensuring that the data owner is the sole person who has the encryption keys and who can grant access to his data. It also ensures the confidentiality of the user’s information even when he is accessing the Internet through public Wi-Fi or using unprotected mobile devices. Another great feature of this application is that it allows the user to wipe all data from his device in the event that his device is stolen or lost. Needless to say, maximum security is ensured by this application.

User Experience

People who have tested this application attest that it is an effective and efficient tool against data threats regardless of the type of device that they are using. In terms of its performance, it is noticeable that even when it is running on the background, it does not cause typical issues such as the faster than usual draining of battery and the like. It also does not take up too much storage space on their devices.

User Interface

VIPole Secure Messenger can be downloaded on any type of computer or mobile device. It can be downloaded in computers running Windows, Mac and even Linux operating system. Its mobile version is downloadable for both Android and Apple users. The simplicity of VIPole Secure Messenger’s interface is evident, making this app suitable for all employees, be them non-tech savvy office clerks or personnel who are just not into technology. The categories and icons are logically placed, making it a breeze for all sorts of user.


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