Stand Up for the Pregnant

Imagine having a belly the size of a watermelon and dealing with unbearable periodic cramps from your back down to your hips and butt. Nasty, right? Needless to say, being pregnant is challenging, and it can be more testing during the last trimester of pregnancy. To make things worse, there are times when a pregnant woman has to take the agony of having to stand for a long period of time just because nobody is willing to offer her his seat.

Shiyang he, an illustrator based in Shanghai, depicts this situation through  his art to remind us to give our seat up when we encounter situatios in which a pregnant women is present. This is ultimately because she is carrying something more important.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Erin says:

    I have never seen these art images! Serves as a great reminder that it’s a simple act of generosity for an important reason!


  2. RM says:

    Love your cute post 🙂 sending this to my sis who was s pregnant:)


  3. audriaallred says:

    These are interesting pieces of art. Never seen them before, Its nice seeing new things


  4. babiestobookworms says:

    I’m so grateful that people were kind to me while I was pregnant! I try my best to treat others with that respect now as well!


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