Facebook Groups For Pumping Moommies

Exclusively pumping is no easy task especially for working moms. Just imagine having to hook yourself to a machine for at least 15 minutes each time, and this has to be done several times a day or you’ll end up having hard, wedge-like lumps in your breasts (read: clogged ducts) and worse, low milk output.

It is relieving to know, though, that there are Facebook groups dedicated just for pumping moms. These groups serve as medium for moms to discuss about all things related to milk-pumping, be it sharing hacks on how to boost their milk supply or ranting about inadvertently spilling pumped milk.

1. Exclusively Pumping Mamas

“This group is intended for Exclusive Pumpers to share information and support…Exclusive Pumpers have often tried every kind of infant feeding – nursing, pumping, and formula – and all of these are open for discussion without judgement. As long as you are feeding your baby, you’re doing a great job!”

2. Expressers Pumping Moms PH

“This is a Filipino support group to connect mums who express for babies most of the time…Support is given by other mothers who have experienceexpressing for babies and toddlers. This is a group for those who exclusively express/ pump breast milk, be that through choice, difficulties breastfeeding or because they had a premature or special needs baby.”

3.Working Pumping Motherhood – Breastfeeding, Pumping and Beyond! / Working Pumping Moms

“Whether you work full time or part time, EBF or supplement, pump exclusively or not at all, are pregnant or already weaned, you are welcome to join in our discussion…The admins are peer volunteers. We are all moms who are passionate about breastfeeding. We are not experts and we are not paid. Our goal is to share our own experiences in the hope that we can help moms achieve their pumping and breastfeeding goals, help fight “booby traps” and misinfomation. We want to work with Moms to get to the root of challenges they are having instead of recommending a quick fix. We also work hard to keep the group free from spammers and scammers. The admins are not liable for any advice given by members or admins of this group. We are not professionals and no advice in this group should be taken as medical, professional or legal advice. Always check with your doctor and/or lactation consultant.”

4. Exclusive Expressing / Pumping

“This is a group for those who exclusively express/ pump breast milk, be that through choice, difficulties breastfeeding or because they had a premature or special needs baby.
So if you’re an EPer and you’re feeling like the only one in the world, do join!”

5. Exclusively Pumping Moms – Exclusive Group

“A safe place for moms to discuss exclusively pumping chopped full of love, respect, compassion, and great information!”

6. Exclusively Pumping Moms Private Group

“This is an exclusively pumping group that is private so that anything you share here in the group remains within the group and away from your personal news feed and your personal friends. This is a place of love, support, compassion, open mindedness, and peace. I work very hard to keep it as such. Please do your part to uphold these values while within the group.”

5 Comments Add yours

  1. makeamomsmile says:

    Great info for moms looking for a little extra support! Another group I liked was called Dairy Queens.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’ll be checking on that one as well. 😊


  2. Belle says:

    This is awesome! Sharing this with my mom friends!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma


  3. Kayla Nigro says:

    Thanks for sharing these! I remember when I was exclusively pumping – it is not easy! Having support from other mamas is definitely a plus!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. nkbrokaw88 says:

    A lot of women are going to be thanking you for this post! Breastfeeding is hard, but exclusively pumping is like insane! I don’t know how you do it! I pumped at work for 4 months and absolutely hated it!

    Liked by 1 person

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