Spot-on Illustrations That Married Couples Will Certainly Relate To

Living under the same roof with your spouse can elicit a hodgepodge of emotions. One minute, you’re completely swept off your feet and you seem to be eternally engrossed with your partner; the next thing you know, you’re completely infuriated and just the thought of being under the same room with your spouse makes you cringe.

No one else could have translated the love-hate scenarios of married couples into illustrations better than Adrienne Hedger, the writer and cartoonist behind  the Hedger Humor. Below are some of the creations by her that married couples can surely relate to.






#4. returning-to-love-the-dog-500











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  1. mylittlegold says:

    Ahhh love these! Totally describes my ex and I down to a T

    Thanks for sharing!


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  2. Habiba says:

    I am not married but I’ve been in a 10 year relationship. Those illustrations are spot on! I love it ❤

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  3. The Momnipresent Mother says:

    I love these comics. I have seen some of them before. but some of these I haven’t. I love the one with the husband refusing to go to bed but falling asleep on the couch. That is every with my husband and me when he comes home.

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  4. #6 is so me just waiting for my husband to lose something! I lose everything…even when it’s in my hand. ….the wait continues…

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  5. sepatuholig says:

    hahahaha… LOLZZEE…..
    #4 and #7 hahaha…


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