How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online


In today’s world, kids start being savvy with technology even at an early age. When your child reaches the stage when he starts exploring what the online world has to offer, he becomes an easy target for online predators. There are several ways to counter the risk of exposing your kids to manipulative media and inappropriate content.

1. Make use of the parental control features of browsers. You can also opt to install browsers that are designed just for kids. Commonsense Media has a comprehensive list of kids-friendly browsers that you can consider.

2. Install applications that automatically sweeps out contents that are inappropriate and vulgar. You can also use software that let you monitor what your child is browsing on the web.

3. Explicitly set rules in terms of using the internet usage. You can print out a family contract for online safety based on their age group. SafeKids has a printable contract that you can utilize.

4. If your kid is using a desktop computer, put it on a spot in your house where you can easily monitor what he is doing on the Internet.

5. Educate your child about online safety and assure him that he can certainly ask you questions anytime he encounters something on the Internet that he can’t fully understand or that he’s not too comfortable with.

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