Newborn Visiting Ettiquete

Paying a visit to see a friend or relative’s newborn is beyond exciting. You finally get to see the little one in flesh and get to revel at how adorable that tiny creature is. However, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind before giving it a go. Below is a list of reminders that you can refer to. They seem to be plain common sense, but human beings as we are, we sometimes tend to forget.

1. Don’t come unannounced. Having a newborn is exhausting enough and it’s possible that the new mom and her partner are most likely too busy and tired to entertain visitors at some point. Paying a surprise visit sounds like a sweet idea, but by all means, ask permission from one of the parents. If they refuse, understand that it isn’t because they don’t want you around. It’s most likely because they need privacy at that point in time.

2. If possible, leave your kids at home, especially if they are toddlers, unless if you’re sure that you can control them when you get to the place. You don’t want your kids to be the reason why the newborn gets startled in his sleep, and you don’t want your toddler throwing a tantrum just because you wouldn’t let him hold the baby. If you really have to, make sure that the parents know that you are bringing your kids.

3. Don’t come empty-handed. Make sure that you bring food that you can all share when you get there. Spare the host from having to prepare meals for you. Also, be mindful of the mom’s situation. If she is breastfeeding, make sure that you bring food that will be suitable for her.

4. If you are not feeling well, wait till you’re completely well before visiting. Even if you are perfectly healthy at the time of visit, wash your hands vigorously or sanitize if you ever have to touch the newborn. They are susceptible to illnesses, and you are not there to spread bacteria.

5. Don’t be the typical visitor who is there just to chit-chat with the parents. As much as possible, offer your help in doing the dishes, or anything that you can do to relieve the new mom from house chores.

6. Be sensitive in giving comments to the parents even if you mean well. There is nothing worse than hearing unwanted parenting advice especially for new moms who are just starting to get the hang of taking care of a newborn. Remember that post-partum blues is real; you don’t want to trigger her by your remarks. If you really need to give advice on something that poses risk to the baby, make sure that you deliver it without offending the parents.

7. Before taking photos of their newborn, ask permission. Moreso, get their approval before posting any photo of your visit. Some parents are not comfortable having their little one’s pictures posted on the Internet. Or they might worry that they look tired on the photos. Courtesy is the key.

8. If you’re bringing a present for the newborn who has siblings, it would be best if you also bring something for the older kids so they won’t feel left out.

Remember that even if you are a relative, visiting a newborn is not an entitlement but a privilege. If you aren’t willing to follow the rules or wishes of the little one’s parents, you’re better off lazing around your own space.

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