Things That Only Exclusively Pumping Moms Will Understand

Pumping exclusively is no easy task. You endure hours in total of having to hook your breasts to a machine to get all the boob juice out. Skip a session or two and you risk having decreased supply or clogged ducts… and the list goes on. Needless to say, it requires a tremendous amount of dedication and hardwork.

Pumping moms may have varying sentiments but we do share several similar experiences that only us can relate to.

1. Major decision: Bags or bottles?

At one point, you have contemplated whether to store your liquid gold in BPA-free bottles or plastic bags that are specially-made for breastmilk storage. The hunt for the leak-free brands of container follows right after. And don’t forget about the wide variety of designs that you need to brainstorm about.

2. Crying over spilled milk

This might be an idiom to the majority but pumping moms literally cry over spilled milk. Just imagine having your nips pulled repeatedly for almost half an hour just to end up with your efforts down the drain.

3. The oversuppliers, the undersuppliers and the enoughers

You are one big club of milking mommas but you are classified into three: those with leaky and always-engorged breasts, those who are frantically in constant search of the best power food to boost milk supply,  and those whose milk output is just the right amount to sustain their little monsters day by day.

4. Strawberry milk, anyone?

You know for a fact that milk does not only come in white. There’s strawberry milk, blue milk, creamy yellowish milk and almost-transparent milk. Amazing is a total understatement!

5. Pump Romance

You spend more time pumping milk than getting intimate with your partner. Your breast pump gets to foddle your breasts more frequently than your significant other does. Or you don’t even let him touch your breasts because they are now for pumping, not for foreplay.

6. Oh, the joy!

You might wince each time you pump with cracked nipples or whine when you have to wash a sink full of pump parts and bottles, but each time you see your little one happily gulping down your pumped milk, you instantly lighten up.

7. Moooooo!

You suddenly associate yourself with cows. Now that’s self explanatory!

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