Parenting is No Easy Task

At the time of this writing, my little monster is only 6 months, so I wouldn’t mind if mamas who are up all day chasing toddlers or dealing with asshole teens would roll their eyes while reading. I know I’m too whiny for a mom who is taking care of only one tiny infant, and I realize there’s gonna be more chaos when he reaches toddlerhood or when I have baby # 2 in the future (I’m not too sure about this though), but I absolutely feel no shame to admit that there are times when I wish my baby came with a manual and his own customized nanny.

First off, I researched extensively and watched countless baby care videos when I was pregnant, and I even bragged about my newborn-caring skills to my husband. I had too much faith in my multi-tasking skills too that I was so sure I could keep a little human alive while ensuring that our house would remain tidy, and the four furry kids out on the porch would still be breathing. I was that smartass mama until Mr. Milk Monster popped out and showed me that I was wrong the entire time. The first few weeks of being a mom drained all the energy from my limbs, and rendered all my brain cells dead.

There are just too many things going on when you have a baby. While my 9 months of rummaging for mommying tips was a huge help, I was entirely clueless about a lot of things. It felt more like taking an exam that covers the whole semester when I had only attended one session. Thank goodness for the existence of Google; in fact, I’ve already lost count of the number of times when I had to turn to the Internet for answers.

So far, I and my husband have been able to keep our little monster along with the four furry kids alive. However, it didn’t turn out as I envisioned it to be. Our bed is invaded with pillows (lots of them) now, our living room is disorganized, and we have piles of soiled clothes that are yet to be washed. The dogs don’t get as much smooches and attention as before too. Some of our plants have dried up. My closet seems to have been visited by a hurricane.

I realize now that knowing how to change nappies and being an expert in whipping my breasts or a bottle out each time my baby is hungry are good skills to start with but being a parent is far from being an easy task. Indeed, parenthood is a never-ending routine of commiting silly mistakes and discovering the wonders of being in charge of another little human being’s life. It ain’t easy but it is undeniably the most rewarding task.

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