Wholesale Baby Clothes for Expecting Moms

I’m lucky that I didn’t have to splurge on baby clothes because my mom gave me plenty of them. I only bought a few newborn-sized garments.If we had to buy baby clothes though, I would have considered scoring them from Hello Baby Garments,  a toll manufacturer of  baby apparels that are usually exported to the US.

I’ve read from other blogs that they carry US branded clothes like Carter’s, Thomas and Friends, Red Tag, Small Wonders and the like. However,  I was a little disappointed the I got the chance to visit Hello Garments because the variety of brands that I was expecting to find were nowhere to be found except for Small Wonders, although they only had receiving blankets, hooded towels, mittens and socks for this brand. The majority of the available stocks were mostly Baby Starters, NBA, and NFL Team apparel. The selection of designs were also limited. I asked the lady manning the store and she said others who buy in bulk had already hauled their stocks. That day, I opted to purchase just a few pieces of baby stuff.

For expecting moms who want to stock up on baby clothes, I suggest that you contact them before heading to their store to check on the available supplies first. Their phone number is (02) 896-4802; just look for Ate Vicky or Baby. You may ditch this part if you want, but make sure that you manage your expectations. The Hello Baby Garments store is located  along #48 Zodiac Street, Bel-Air 3, Makati. They’re open all weekdays and weekends with the exception of holidays between 8AM-5PM.

One very important insider tip: if you are NOT planning to buy at least 5000 PHP worth of baby clothes, better stay at home and shop online instead since that they don’t give discounts for purchases below 5,000 PHP anyway.


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