10 Reasons Why Moms Need To Be Kind to Themselves


Being selfless is an innate quality that all mothers have. Without any hint of hesitation, moms give everything that they have without expecting anything in return. However, there are instances when they tend to forget to pause and take care of themselves because for them, nothing else matters as long as they are keeping their little one happy.

Mother’s day is the perfect moment to pause for a little while and realize that even if it seems that you are capable of doing just anything for your family and conquering everything for your little ones’ sake, it is equally important to realize that you also have to be kind to yourself. Here’s why:


  1. Your little ones are watching you. There will come a time when they’ll be grownups and be parents, and there’s no better way to teach them the importance of self-worth other than modelling it.


  1. Motherhood is difficult in itself, and there’s no sense in beating yourself up whenever you feel that you are failing at parenting because of something bad that has happened. Learn to let go. As long as you’re sure that you have done your best, you should give yourself a break; maybe grab some wine and hold your chin up high. There will come a day when you’ll remember the mishaps in your parenting journey, and realize that you should have laughed them off instead of sulking over something inevitable.


  1. You are doing what is best for your family, regardless of how you do it. If you are a working mom, don’t be guilty if you feel like you’re spending less time for your little one. You’re not working your butt off just for yourself, but you are doing it to be able to provide the needs of your little one. Go ahead and pat your back and keep in mind that you are doing a fantastic job. Conversely, stay-at-home moms sometimes feel undervalued, but you have to remember that being able to do house chores or having the energy to work on freelance jobs on the side while taking care of your child is already beyond impressive.


  1. Yes, we all know that you’re a supermom but you need to admit that you can NOT do everything. As an old adage goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Do yourself a favor and ask for help if you need one, be it from your family, childcare or even professionals who are most capable of helping you out. Asking for advice or support wouldn’t make you less of a mom.


  1. You become a better mom by being kind to yourself. At this point in which your little one depends on you, it is critical that you keep these two things: sanity and happiness. You can’t be expected to take care of your child if you yourself are ailing because you haven’t taken care of yourself. There’s no way that you can project happiness to your family if you are exhausted and burned out.


You’re a mom and it is natural for you to be selfless, but you also have to make sure that you know your self-worth. Keep in mind that being kind to yourself goes a long way.

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  1. Claudya says:

    I like this post! Mom’s health, both physical and psychological, is very important for the whole family. When my daughter was born, I paid all my attention to her. And only after six months I felt my illness. If I paid more attention to myself, everything was much easier.


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