10 Reasons Why Moms Need To Be Kind to Themselves

  Being selfless is an innate quality that all mothers have. Without any hint of hesitation, moms give everything that they have without expecting anything in return. However, there are instances when they tend to forget to pause and take care of themselves because for them, nothing else matters as long as they are keeping…

Parenting is No Easy Task

At the time of this writing, my little monster is only 6 months, so I wouldn’t mind if mamas who are up all day chasing toddlers or dealing with asshole teens would roll their eyes while reading. 

I Held Off Feeding My Son Solid Food at 6 Months and Here’s Why

Time flies really fast, and it seems surreal that my little one who used to be a tiny and wiggly monster in my belly is finally turning 6 months today. Although each month is special, this one is especially memorable because he is supposed to start eating solid food today…or so I thought.

Baby-Led Weaning: Yay or Nay?

My little monster is turning 6 months in a week’s time and although he isn’t able to sit unassisted yet, which is part of the signs of readiness for solid food, I’m sure he isn’t far off. I am one overly thrilled mom as I’ve been looking forward to this milestone.

Things That Only Exclusively Pumping Moms Will Understand

Pumping exclusively is no easy task. You endure hours in total of having to hook your breasts to a machine to get all the boob juice out. Skip a session or two and you risk having decreased supply or clogged ducts… and the list goes on. Needless to say, it requires a tremendous amount of…

Fostering Good Screen Time Habits for Kids

In this digital era, the use of computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices is already an integral part of our daily lives.  We use these gadgets not just for leisure and communication but also for work or business. For adults whose jobs entail having to stare at their screen the entire shift, screen time is…

Tripping Down the Guilt Lane

Being a working mom is a real struggle. Don’t get me wrong; I love my job and I’m grateful that I’m well-compensated. What bothers me is the guilt of not being able to take care of my little one as much as I want to.