Things That Only Exclusively Pumping Moms Will Understand

Pumping exclusively is no easy task. You endure hours in total of having to hook your breasts to a machine to get all the boob juice out. Skip a session or two and you risk having decreased supply or clogged ducts… and the list goes on. Needless to say, it requires a tremendous amount of…

Infographic: The 111 Benefits of Breastfeeding

It is a common knowledge that breastmilk has numerous benefits to babies. Moms who are lucky for being able to breastfeed can absolutely attest to this. However, the other aspects of breastfeeding are not usually taken notice. Below is a comprehensive infographic of its many benefits (111 items to be exact) not just to the…

Watch: Breastmilk Under a Microscope

Breastmilk is typically referred to as liquid gold. It contains the perfect balance of water, lactose, fatty acids, amino acids, and more than a hundred ingredients that have not been replicated in any infant formula up to now. Also, it comprises antibodies that protect babies against various infections and diseases.

Facebook Groups For Pumping Moommies

These groups serve as medium for moms to discuss about all things related to milk-pumping, be it sharing hacks on how to boost their milk supply or ranting about inadvertently spilling pumped milk.