Confessions of a Smartass Rookie Mom

I used to be a smartass and headstrong mom. Getting things done the way I reckon was right when it comes to parenting our little one and furkids was a huge deal to me. If you ask my husband to attest to this, I’m sure he would agree without any hesitation.

Infographic: The 111 Benefits of Breastfeeding

It is a common knowledge that breastmilk has numerous benefits to babies. Moms who are lucky for being able to breastfeed can absolutely attest to this. However, the other aspects of breastfeeding are not usually taken notice. Below is a comprehensive infographic of its many benefits (111 items to be exact) not just to the…

Watch: Breastmilk Under a Microscope

Breastmilk is typically referred to as liquid gold. It contains the perfect balance of water, lactose, fatty acids, amino acids, and more than a hundred ingredients that have not been replicated in any infant formula up to now. Also, it comprises antibodies that protect babies against various infections and diseases.

The Ugly Side of Online Advertising

Online advertisers use cookies. Simpy said, these are data sent when you access websites. These cookies are stored on your device through Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or whatever browser you’re using. They were primarily created as a mechanism that websites can utilize to retain information that are arbitrary such as your name, address, and such…

How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

  In today’s world, kids start being savvy with technology even at an early age. When your child reaches the stage when he starts exploring what the online world has to offer, he becomes an easy target for online predators. There are several ways to counter the risk of exposing your kids to manipulative media and inappropriate…

How to Deal with Postpartum Hairfall

One of the many manifestations of hormonal change after pregnancy is hair loss. This gets even more noticeable three to four months after giving birth regardless if you are breastfeeding or not. You would normally see clumps of hair on the bathroom drain when you take a bath or on your comb after brushing tour…

Spot-on Illustrations That Married Couples Will Certainly Relate To

Living under the same roof with your spouse can elicit a hodgepodge of emotions. One minute, you’re completely swept off your feet and you seem to be eternally engrossed with your partner; the next thing you know, you’re completely infuriated and just the thought of being under the same room with your spouse makes you…

Facebook Groups For Pumping Moommies

These groups serve as medium for moms to discuss about all things related to milk-pumping, be it sharing hacks on how to boost their milk supply or ranting about inadvertently spilling pumped milk.

What to Eat for a Healthy Pregnancy

Making sure that you are getting the right nutrition throughout the 9-month period that you have to carry your little one in your belly is essential for the optimum growth and development of your child.

Baby Bump Photoshoot Idea

The ultimate way to immortalize moments when your bump is still almost unnoticeable until the time it gets real huge that you can’t even bend over to put your socks on is through photography. While there are numerous concepts for a baby bump photoshoot, I’m specifically impressed with Sophie Starzenki’s work. It’s pretty classic and…